• Bad AI and Beyond: Understanding Representations of AI in Entertainment Media, Good Systems Annual Symposium
    April 2022; Austin, TX

  • Folk Theories and User Strategies on Dating Apps, iConference 2022
    February 2022; Virtual

  • The Ethics of Fantasy, UT Austin Feminist Philosophy Reading Group
    July 2021; Austin, TX

  • Testimonial Dogmatism, UT Austin Epistemology Reading Group
    February 2021; Austin, TX

  • The agency of video game players, ASA Eastern Division Meeting
    February 2021; Philadelphia, PA (virtual)

  • Do we have a right to be swiped? Arizona Feminist Philosophy Graduate Conference
    February 2020; Tucson, AZ


  • The role of philosophy in Information Studies for Disciplinary Foundations for Information Studies
    February 2021; Austin, TX