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Karim Nader

Areas of Interest

Specialization: Ethics of Information and Technology, AestheticsCompetence: Epistemology, Normative Ethics


The University of Texas at Austin
Ph.D. in Philosophy Expected May 2023
Columbia University
B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy May 2017 Graduated with Departmental Honors



  1. 'Dating through the filters'
  2. (2021). Social Philosophy and Policy 37 (2), 237-248.
  3. 'Virtual competitions and the gamer's dilemma'
  4. (2020). Ethics and Information Technology, 239–245.

    Empirical Research

  5. 'Public understanding of artificial intelligence through entertainment media'
  6. Authors: Nader, K., Toprac, P., Scott, S., & Baker, S. (2022). AI & Society.
  7. 'Folk theories and user strategies on dating apps: How users understand and manage their experience with algorithmic matchmaking'
  8. Authors: Nader, K. & Lee, M.K. (2022). Information for a Better World: Shaping the Global Future. iConference 2022.
  9. 'Online-computer-mediated interviews and observations: Overcoming challenges and establishing best practices in a Human-AI teaming context'
  10. Authors: Stephens, K., Nader, K., Hughes, A., Harris, A., Montagnolo, C., Stevens, A., Senarath, Y., & Purohit, H. (2021). Proceedings of the 54rd annual Hawaii international conference on social systems

Awards and Funding

Summer Institute in Technology Ethics at Santa Clara University$2,500July 2022
Summer Travel Funding Award$2,000May 2022
Cogburn Graduate Essay Prize$500May 2022
Graduate School Continuing Fellowship$10,000April 2022
Summer Dissertation Writing Fellowship$6,000April 2022
Cogburn Graduate Essay Prize$500May 2021
Graduate Student Assembly Travel Award$500April 2021
Vice-President for Research Special Research Grant$900November 2020
Association Philippe Jabr Scholarship$10,000September 2020
Vice-President for Research Special Research Grant$900November 2020
Good Systems COVID-19 Research Graduate Student Award$3,960May 2020
Professional Development Award$400February 2020

Research Assistantships

Bad AI and Beyond: Exploring How Popular Media Shape the Perceived Opportunities and Threats of AI
Paul Toprac, Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin
Human-AI Teaming for Big Data Analytics to Enhance Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Keri Stephens, School of Communications, University of Texas at Austin


  1. Bad AI and beyond: Understanding representations of AI in entertainment media
  2. Good Systems Annual SymposiumApril 2022 Austin, TX
  3. Folk theories and user strategies on dating apps * Peer Reviewed
  4. iConference 2022: Information for a Better WorldFebruary 2022 Virtual
  5. The ethics of fantasy
  6. UT Austin Feminist Philosophy Reading GroupJuly 2021 Austin, TX
  7. The agency of video game players * Peer Reviewed
  8. American Society for Aesthetics: Eastern Division Meeting February 2021 Virtual
  9. Testimonial dogmatism
  10. UT Austin Epistemology Reading GroupFebruary 2021 Austin, TX
  11. Do we have a right to be swiped? * Peer Reviewed
  12. The University of Arizona Feminist Philosophy ConferenceFebruary 2020 Tucson, AZ

Teaching Experience

Assistant Instructor

Introduction to Symbolic LogicFall 2022
Ethics and EnlightenmentFall 2021

Teaching Assistant

Philosophy of Law Fall 2022 Jeff Leon
Introduction to Symbolic Logic Spring 2021 Jim Hankinson
Environmental Ethics and Philosophy Fall 2020 Laurenz Casser
Contemporary Moral ProblemsSummer 2020 Nicole Smith
Spring 2019 Steven Gupka
Introduction to the Philosophy of the Arts Spring 2020 Kathleen Higgins
Fall 2018 Kathleen Higgins
Science and the Modern World Fall 2019 Cory Johl

Guest Lecture

The Role of Philosophy in Information Studies Spring 2021 for Kenneth Fleischman, “Disciplinary Foundations for Information Studies”


Service to the department

COMPASS CoordinatorFall 2020 to Present
Philosophy & Meditation Group CoordinatorFall 2019 to Present
Philosophy Department Social ChairFall 2019 to Present
Graduate Student RepresentativeFall 2019 to Spring 2020
Graduate Conference Organizing CommitteeFall 2019 to Spring 2020

Service to the profession

Reviewer for Ethics and Information Technology (1)

Coursework in Information Studies

Ethics of AI: Good Systems Kenneth Fleischmann
Human-AI Interaction Min Kyung Lee

Languages and Skills

Arabic (native), French (fluent), Japanese (competent)
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux